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Chicago (December 23, 2005) - On the heels of its recent commitment to support grass roots road events in North America, SRAM will debut its much-anticipated new professional-level racing technology on the North American continental race calendar with the Nevada Pro Cycling Team. The 12-member squad will be SRAM’s sole U.S.-based road team with a multi-year agreement that begins in 2006.

SRAM’s recently revealed DoubleTap shift technology will lead the list of the SRAM group components mounted onto Nevada’s custom race bikes.

1990 USPRO Champion, former SRAM test pilot, and Nevada Operations Manager, Kurt Stockton, stated, “We are in a great situation with SRAM’s new road group. I think the form, function, and quality of this componentry is going to shake up the industry in setting the new benchmark in road technology as well give us more opportunities to win.”

“This is an exciting time for our team and we have a great opportunity in being first the U.S. professional squad to ride what is easily the biggest component story in cycling this year, the new SRAM road group.” Sprinter, criterium specialist - Dan Schmatz, 31, Longmont, CO.

“I was able to race prototypes in Downers Grove; it was exciting to ride what is such an innovative product. Also, we are proud to be supported by a company that respects our input and listens to our feedback. The function of the road group is really super smooth and balanced with advanced materials; this new componentry has truly elevated the team’s confidence.” All-arounder - Ben Jacques-Maynes, 27, San Jose, CA.

“This is really something new and innovative, and the elegance at the lever will be an obvious advantage. It’s obvious the quality and attention to detail that SRAM has for MTB componentry has transferred to the road componentry. And the one lever shifting gives you less to think about and allows the rider to react faster on the bike, whether it’s up or downshifting. I’m excited.” Domestique, all-arounder – Jesse Anthony, 20, Beverly, MA.

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